You have almost reached the official website of G.B. Marian, a priest, writer, musician, and artist for the Egyptian god Set. Please visit DesertOfSet.com to view the new website, where you can find some of G.B.’s creative works:

In the Desert of Set is G.B.’s official podcast, in which discusses life as a Setian in contemporary times, with long winded-detours on ancient history, classic monster movies, and lots of other fun stuff.

Dua Sutekh is an EP of ambient, electronic music composed by G.B. for devotionals to Set.

Summer’s End is a Halloween-themed album composed by G.B. for Samhain 2020.

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Satanism As A Progressive Force

Devil's Advocates

I will preface this article by stating a few things upfront. Firstly, as we state in various places in this blog, we don’t claim to represent or speak for all Satanists but just for ourselves. Secondly, I have sometimes been berated by other Satanists for expressing political opinions; I make no apology for doing so here in my blog. Finally, the ideas expressed here are intended to provoke thought and discussion which I consider vital in Satanic life and personal gnosis; there is of course no obligation for anyone to agree with what I say here, but no harm will be done by thinking about it!

A little background; things happening in the news at the time of writing this article…

Covid 19 is still wreaking havoc and causing death, illness and economic decline around the world. Brazil, India and The USA seem to be the worst affected at the…

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