CNN: Satanists Settle Lawsuit With Netflix Over Goat-Headed Statue

The Satanic Temple has just settled a lawsuit against Netflix. In its new series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Netflix has apparently included some scenes involving a Baphomet statue. I haven’t actually seen the show myself, but I’m assuming something nasty must happen in one or more of those scenes, because the Satanic Temple took issue with it. Specifically, they sued the company for violating their copyright on a Baphomet statue that was specially designed by the Temple for its campaign against a 10 Commandments monument in Oklahoma. Netflix must have felt they had a pretty strong case, because they caved and agreed to make a settlement.

Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves had this to say:

“I’m amazed that anybody is confused as to why we would seek legal remedy over Sabrina using our monument. Would they be as understanding of a fictional show that used a real mosque as the HQ of a terrorist cell? A fictional Blood Libel tale implicating real world Jews?”

No doubt many readers will consider this hyperbole, but Greaves has a point here. Whenever you see a Satanist character in a movie or a TV show, that character is always an evil, bloodthirsty psychopath, and audiences just blindly accept it. But if this type of caricature were being promoted against Jews or Muslims, the outcry would be astronomical (and rightfully so).

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CNN: Doctors Start Movement in Response to NRA, Calling for More Gun Research

Earlier this month, the NRA tweeted this:

Someone should tell the NRA to shut the fuck up and let the medical community do its job. Nobody bats an eyelash when doctors advise their patients to quit smoking; I fail to see how gun ownership should be treated any differently. Newsflash, assholes: our gun culture has now become a major public health crisis. With all the mass shootings that keep happening across this country every week (including this week), there is simply no way to deny this fact anymore. And something clearly needs to be done about it, because this situation just isn’t sustainable. At the current rate, we’ll be lucky if any of our future generations make it to their high school graduations alive. Honestly, it’s getting to a point where I don’t ever want to leave my house anymore, because the world outside has become even more unpredictable and dangerous than it was before.

The NRA has no business telling the medical community what to do. These people are doctors, nurses, and other medical experts; they’re the people you want by your side when you have a fatal gunshot wound and mere minutes to live. And as far as I can tell, none of them are talking about banning guns altogether. They’re only calling for more intensive research on gun violence, and for talking to patients about the dangers of gun ownership. That’s it. And just like smokers who continue to light up after they’ve been advised not to, gun owners won’t be under any obligation to listen. They can keep their guns and perform fellatio on them for all anyone cares. The NRA is just bristling about this because it doesn’t even want the issue to be discussed, and that is an extremely dangerous position to take. I don’t care how much you dislike the idea of gun control; if you think doctors shouldn’t be discussing this issue at all, then perhaps you should forego calling an ambulance the next time someone shoots your ass.

Hats off to all the ladies and gentlemen who work in medicine and who have been reacting to the NRA on their social media. Now is not a good time to be silent.

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CNN: Dan Crenshaw and Pete Davidson’s Sincere Plea for Unity

I was delightfully surprised this morning to learn that Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live apologized to Dan Crenshaw for his crude joke at the military veteran’s expense last week. In fact, Davidson didn’t stop there; he actually invited Crenshaw to appear with him on SNL while it was being broadcast this past Saturday night (November 10). I must say, I think this was literally the best thing Davidson could have done. Watching these two men joking with each other on live television was a truly inspirational thing to see. I hope that more liberals and conservatives will both follow their example.

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CNN: Congressman-Elect Targeted in SNL Joke Urges Civility in Politics

On Saturday night, Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson mocked Republican Congressman-Elect Dan Crenshaw for wearing an eyepatch. Specifically, Davidson compared Crenshaw to a “hit man in a porno movie,” even though he was aware that Crenshaw lost his eye while serving as a Navy SEAL in Iraq in 2012. He waved this fact away dismissively (saying, “I know he lost his eye in a war or whatever”), and then he went on to mock somebody else.

Look, I’m just as energized against the Republican Party as anyone else. And I am not afraid to say some really harsh things about the politicians who piss me off. But I fail to see how it could ever be appropriate to mock someone for an injury they might have. Our President has no qualms with doing such things, but liberals are supposed to be better than that. We’re supposed to be the ones fighting for a more inclusive society, where people aren’t being judged for their sex, their skin color, or their disabilities. Well thank you, Pete Davidson, for thoughtlessly undermining all of that. People like you are doing Trump’s work for him.

I’m not saying I like Dan Crenshaw, or that I agree with any of his views on policy. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t make fun of him about anything, either. Political satire is an important staple of any true democracy; without it, our freedom of speech would be jeopardized. I just think that politicians—Republican or Democrat—should be satirized for their views and their deeds, not for their bodies.

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