The Wild Hunt: HexFest 2018 Met With Protests From Catholic Groups

Hemelt wrote, “Please help us pray for the end of all witchcraft and occult practices and rituals that offend [the Abrahamic g]od and that the HexFest will be stopped, all rituals be rendered useless, and that the evil one may be thwarted in his efforts to lead souls astray.”

Wow. It’s good to know the Catholic community in New Orleans has nothing better to do right now than harass Pagans. I mean, they could be writing letters and sending gifts to all their fellow Catholics in Pennsylvania whose lives have been destroyed by pedophile priests. They could be donating money to all those families to help them pay their legal fees or their therapy bills. But no, clearly that isn’t a priority. Clearly, slipping flyers under hotel room doors to try and convert Pagans (or make them feel unwelcome) is much more important. Clearly, we are a much greater threat to these people than the real monsters that lurk within their own confessionals.

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CNN: Priest Abuse Victims Detail Lifetime of Trauma and Broken Trust

It’s been 70 years since Robert says he was sexually abused by a priest. And in the decades since, his wife and family suffered every day.

“I couldn’t show any affection with my wife,” said Robert, now 83. “My children, I couldn’t hold or hug.”

This is the kind of lifelong trauma endured by hundreds of victims at the hands of Pennsylvania priests.

There isn’t a whole lot I can say about this. I think the situation speaks for itself. But my heart goes out to the victims here. As someone with a family member who has only recently come to terms with being abused while they were a teenager, I can testify that crimes like this do continue to effect people for decades afterwards.

And whenever she hears the word “God,” Carolyn said, flashbacks of abuse keep coming back.

“The word ‘God’ makes me think of him,” she said. “I just feel like my whole life has been a lie.”

Even though Carolyn’s alleged abuse happened decades after Robert’s, she said it was still incredibly difficult to speak up.

“It’s very lonely, especially when it’s your word against God’s,” she said.

BY SET, reading that just makes me want to track down this woman’s tormentor and put a major hurtin’ on him myself! I pray that each of these victims will be vindicated, and that the offending priests who are still alive will all be excommunicated and made to pay dearly for their atrocities. And if I were the Pope, I would decree that the corpses of the abusers who are already deceased should be exhumed and immolated. Yeah, I realize that’s pretty draconian, but the Church has been doing much more awful things to the living for centuries. Burning heretics, fighting the Crusades, de-culturalizing or even eradicating native peoples…and now, covering up the crimes of human predators. Bearing this in mind, digging up a bunch of dead crooked priests and lighting them on fire hardly seems inappropriate in comparison.

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PBS Newshour: Vermont Nominates Christine Hallquist, First Transgender Candidate for Governor

The past two years have been hard. The current White House administration has done many shocking things that no prior administration has ever done, things that have demoralized good-hearted Americans of all shapes and stripes. This is the closest we have ever come to being ruled by a totalitarian regime, and those who deny this will eventually find themselves on the wrong side of history. But for now at least, here is a shimmer of hope for everyone who has been finding it difficult to leave their house each morning since our current President took office.

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Sermon: Happy Egyptian New Year!

The Egyptian New Year festival (or Wep Ronpet) coincides with the heliacal rise of Sirius, the annual flooding of the Nile River, and the Dog Days of Summer. It technically falls on a different date each year, and its calculation also depends on your geographical location. A heliacal rising occurs when a star that hasn’t been seen in the nighttime sky for a while becomes visible again in the east, just before dawn. Sirius disappears for about 70 days in May, and it reappears toward the end of July and the middle of August. (This is called the “Sothic Cycle.”) The Nile River always floods soon thereafter, just like clockwork. There isn’t much rainfall in Egypt at all, so this annual inundation provided the only means for irrigation in ancient times. And when the Egyptians saw Sirius rising in the east just before dawn in late July, they took it as a sign from the goddess Isis (the ruler of Sirius) that it was time to start planning all their crops for the year. To this very day, the Egyptian people continue to celebrate the annual flooding of the Nile as a two-week civil holiday called Wafaa El-Nil, which begins each year on August 15.

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Susan Bromley (Livingston Daily): Mother Gets Apology After Rebuke for Breastfeeding Inside Brighton Church

“We are not against anyone breastfeeding anywhere in the church. That is not what the problem was. Both breasts were totally exposed… From their perspective, it’s natural, we know, but we felt it inappropriate for boys and men, and we weren’t trying to shame, we were trying to deal with others who were uncomfortable and how they felt. Hurt, embarrassment, and shame was not intended.”

It’s a story I’ve heard time and time again. A mother with a newborn child is in public; her child becomes fussy, and the mother decides it’s feeding time. Then, everyone else around her becomes uncomfortable and decides to shame her for doing what nature intended her to do. “Look at what you’re doing to the boys and the menfolk,” they chide, placing the blame for their embarrassment on the poor mother instead of where it rightly belongs. Note this sentence in particular:

From their perspective, it’s natural, we know, but we felt it inappropriate for boys and men, and we weren’t trying to shame, we were trying to deal with others who were uncomfortable and how they felt.

Here’s an idea. Perhaps instead of blaming our women for society’s embarrassment over breastfeeding, we should be blaming the patriarchy. The mother in this story has not done anything wrong, and the way people feel about her breastfeeding is entirely on them. What’s more—and I can’t repeat this enough—women are NOT responsible for keeping the men and the boys in check. You know who’s responsible for that? The men and the boys. The real problem here has nothing to do with breastfeeding, and everything to do with how males are socialized and taught to think about women from birth.

Do you know what I do when I see a lady breastfeeding her child in public? I just smile and nod at her, and keep walking. That’s it. I don’t become embarrassed or behave as if someone has just shown me a photo of something ugly. I don’t complain to her about her body, or how she is responsible for making me feel lustful. Nor do I stand there and ogle the poor woman like she’s a Playboy centerfold. I just say to myself in my head, “Oh, there’s a nice lady breastfeeding her child,” which is almost immediately followed by a completely unrelated thought (such as, “I wonder which Omen movie Papa Emeritus II likes best?”). And that’s the way it should be.

Long story short: men need to start standing up and taking responsibility for their own emotions and behaviors. We need to stop putting it on women to fix problems like this one, because the problem actually begin with us.

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Sermon: Set’s Sacred Critters

As with most other Egyptian Gods, certain animals are considered sacred to Set. First and foremost is the mysterious creature that the Egyptians called the Sha.

This little fella—which is otherwise known as the “Set Animal” or “Typhonian Beast”—is one of history’s greatest cryptids. It resembles a red-haired greyhound with rabbit ears, a long curved snout, and a forked tail. Egyptologists are divided as to whether this animal actually existed and went extinct, or if it’s just a mythical creature the Egyptians created from bits and pieces of different animals (like a dragon, griffin, or phoenix). Some authors have theorized that it may be a stylized hyena, jackal, aardvark, or fox. It might actually be a fennec fox, which looks like this in real life:

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CNN: A Dad and Son are Accused of Illegally Killing a Family of Bears and Covering It Up. They Didn’t Know a Camera was Running.

There isn’t much I can say about this, except that killing the mother was bad enough. But killing those poor, defenseless cubs? I don’t understand how humans can be so cruel. Sadly, the punishment likely won’t fit the crime; these assholes will probably just have to pay a fine or something, and that’s it. I for one think they should both be forced to do hard manual labor for a group like Appalachian Bear Rescue for at least a year, if not longer!

How can anyone hurt such PRECIOUS BABIES?!?

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