In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

The Occult Experience (1985)

The following is a 1985 documentary film – The Occult Experience – which is about some of the occultist and polytheist groups that were making good press back in the age of Walkmans and big hair rock bands. Some of the people who are interviewed include Michael and Lilith Aquino of the Temple of Set, Selena Fox, Alexander Sanders, and the surrealist painter H.R. Giger. One of the guys responsible for making this film is Nevill Drury, who’s written numerous books on modern Western polytheism and occultism that are pretty fair-minded and well-researched. As a result, this film is actually very informative and does a good job of showing what many Western polytheists and occultists were doing back during the Reagan Administration.

As a follower of Seth-Typhon and a member of LV-426, I tend to feel divided between the Michael Aquinos and the Selena Foxes of the world. On the one hand, I identify with the Aquinos because they’re fellow Seth enthusiasts, and I appreciate their willingness to study and learn from the darker aspects of life. Yet I also disagree with their self-centered philosophy, their tendency to oversimplify other religions and their stance against worshiping Deities (including Seth). On the other hand, I appreciate Selena Fox’s view that “We’re all part of a whole,” yet I also disagree that everything in life needs to be about peace, love and light. In my opinion, the Red Lord’s all about embracing the dark side of nature AND defeating evil at the very same time, which is quite a cosmic high-wire balancing act when you really think about it.

(For me, “the dark side of nature” includes things like anger, fear, pain and selfishness, none of which are necessarily “evil” in and of themselves so long as they’re kept in balance with the brighter aspects of life. True evil, in my opinion, is a total vacuum in which nothing can exist – neither love nor hate – and that creates imbalance wherever it goes. I guess that for me personally, the Temple of Set stuff is a little too dark and the Wiccan stuff just isn’t dark enough.)

Nevertheless, this is a really good documentary and I highly recommend it for anyone who’s interested in learning more about these subjects. Please keep in mind that there’s some nudity and some frightening noise and imagery, so parental guidance is respectfully advised.


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