In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

My Spiritual Awakening

August 15 marked the 16th anniversary of the day I first “met” Seth-Typhon, which occurred in 1997 (just a week or two before I began my freshman year of high school). As always, I celebrated this event by myself. While part of me usually wants to make a big deal about it with all of my polytheistic friends and family, another part of me feels that this would be inappropriate. For one thing, none of my polytheistic friends or family were there when it happened; there’s only one person on Earth who was there to witness the spiritual change that came over me at that time, and he happens to be a born-again Christian today. I might point out, however, that Scott is the most unusual born-again Christian I’ve ever met. By “unusual,” I mean that he’s refreshingly tolerant of worldviews that diverge from his own – so tolerant, in fact, that we continue to be good friends despite our seemingly contradictory Gods (i.e., my antinomian Destroyer God and his exclusivist Martyr God). For one thing, we share common interests in horror films and paranormal investigations. For another, we simply went through so many things in middle school together that I don’t think we could stop being friends even if we wanted to.

While Scott and I don’t talk as regularly as we used to, I felt an undeniable urge to call him on the anniversary of my spiritual awakening. I wanted to talk to someone who was there and who saw what happened to me when that event took place. I also just felt like it was necessary for me to talk to Scott that evening. As it turned out, he was struggling with his own demons at that very same moment. He and his wife are having financial difficulties as well, plus Scott was crippled in a nasty car accident several years ago. Complications are continuing to arise from this event even today, and this is making it difficult for him to work. Scott also hopes to avoid going on disability, even though he probably needs it; he wants to continue working as a special education teacher. In light of all this, he was very emotionally upset when I called him, leading me to realize that my urge to make the call was actually an inspiration from Big Red. As we discussed the good times we’ve had together (as well as our spiritual differences and similarities), Scott cheered up considerably. And having that experience made this particular August 15 the best I’ve had in several years.


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