In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

A Summer Solstice Wedding Ceremony

(The following is yet another wedding ceremony I conducted for my sister-in-law. While I officiated their legal wedding last year, this year was the “photo wedding,” which was meant to include a more spiritual focus. I performed this ceremony on Saturday, June 21, 2014 – the Summer Solstice – and I received quite a few compliments on it. I thought I would share this one, too, on the chance that somebody else out there might be able to use it. A printer-friendly version of this ceremony can be found here.)

[Officiant]: “Thank you, everyone, for being here today to witness to this most wonderful event. One year and one day ago, [Bride & Groom] were joined together in marriage by virtue of [Your State Here] state law. This process, however, was restricted to a purely legal framework, and had little concern for the more spiritual implications of marriage. It has always been [Bride & Groom’s] intention to conduct a second ceremony in which these spiritual implications would play a much greater role; and so it is that we are gathered here today to celebrate not only their love and the renewal of their vows to one another, but also the first anniversary of their new life together as husband and wife.”

[Officiant]: “That being said, I ask you all to take a moment and consider just what you believe marriage to be. Is it as simple as slipping a ring on someone else’s finger and saying, “I do”? Personally, I think not. Marriage is far more than just a ceremony or a legal process. It is a holy sacrament by which two tribes are joined together as one. The family of the bride and the family of the groom become a single Tree, with roots reaching far and deep into our fertile Earth, and with branches reaching far and wide into the endless Sky. By the sacred rite of marriage, a family is automatically made larger and stronger; and should the new branches of this Tree bear fruit, the family will become even larger and stronger still.”

[Officiant]: “It is no accident that we are gathered here on this particular day to witness this particular event, for today is the Summer Solstice, when our hemisphere of the planet is turned toward the Sun as far as it will go, and when it begins to turn away once more. This is the time of year when the forces of light and life are at their very highest peak upon our Earth, and it is the happiest time for all things that grow. It is with this in mind that today’s date was specifically chosen for this event, for it is hoped that the power of the Summer Solstice will further contribute to the happiness of [Bride & Groom] in marriage, as well as to the size and strength of our family, our Tree.”

[Officiant]: “And now, in the presence of their family, their friends and our various Gods and Goddesses, [Bride & Groom] will now exchange their vows for everyone to hear.”

[Bride & Groom exchange vows, which they have written themselves.]

[Officiant]: “And now, a request from everyone who is able and willing to do so…Please close your eyes and join me in a prayer for this happy couple.”

[Officiant]: “On your behalf, [Bride and Groom], I hereby invoke the blessings of the Lord who sits upon His jeweled throne beyond the Seven Stars and the Lady who descends after twilight, but who rises again before the dawn. May you both be happy and content with each other until the end of your days and beyond. May any children you raise be happy, healthy and strong. And together, may you both overcome any obstacles that fall across your path.”

[Officiant]: “Anetch hra-k Sutekh, neb deshret; anetch hra-k Ishtar, nebet Babil; Amen.”*

[Officiant]: I now present to everyone here: Mr. and Mrs. [Bride & Groom].


* “Homage to You, O Sutekh, Lord of the desert; homage to You, O Ishtar, Lady of Babylon; Amen.”


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