In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Children of the Sun: Kurdish Yezidis (2009)

Here is an excellent documentary I found on YouTube concerning the Yezidis. I’ve been studying whatever I can find about these people since the late 1990s, and this is the first (and, so far, the best) documentary I’ve ever seen about them. It certainly does a lot to de-mystify them and explain what they’re all about. I’m just sad that these poor people have been so persecuted (by groups like the Islamic State) for so long in their native land, and I hope and pray that they and their culture will somehow survive. Posting the things that I think and find about them is essentially my way of raising awareness about the Yezidi people over here in the States.

Part 2 of this documentary is the first result that appears in the window above when the video stops; just click on the option in the upper left-hand corner, or click here.


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