In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Seth’s Sacred Critters

Just want to remind people that this exists. 🙂

In The Desert Of Seth

Like many of the other ancient Egyptian Gods, Seth-Typhon has a number of animals that are considered sacred to Him. I thought I’d take a moment to discuss each of these creatures and how they relate to Seth in their own unique ways. First and foremost, no discussion of this subject can begin without mention of what the Egyptians called “the sha.”

sha The mysterious sha beast

The infamous sha – which is otherwise known as the “Seth Animal” or “Typhonian Beast” – is one of history’s great mysteries. It was depicted by the ancient Egyptians as some kind of red-haired canid, and it has a long curved snout, a pair of rectangular ears and a forked tail. Egyptologists are divided as to whether this animal actually existed and went extinct, or if it’s just a mythical creature that the Egyptians created from bits and pieces of different animals (like…

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