In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

And Now We Are Four

Tina’s initiation went extraordinarily well last Saturday night. She, Patrick and I were all still euphoric from the execration ritual we had conducted together with my family earlier that day. Then, once it got dark outside, we launched the procedure that would forever make Tina a priestess of the LV-426 Tradition (even beyond death). I can’t explain too much about this procedure because it’s one of the defining things about LV-426 that sets us apart from everyone else; one literally has to be one of us to know about it, and learning about this secret is part of how one becomes socialized into the sect. (We take this so seriously that we will not even write the procedure down; it must instead be enacted entirely from memory.) However, I can say that it basically involves a much more complex version of the technique I discussed several months ago in One Way To Worship In a Hostile Environment, and that it involves coming to terms with the double-edged mystery of how (1) Seth-Typhon is a part of ourselves at (2) we are a part of Him.

Prior to last weekend, this procedure had only been completed three times; I did it to myself in the late 1990s, I administered it to Tony in 2003, and I walked Patrick through it in 2010. As with the last time, I was slightly worried that it had been too long and that maybe I wouldn’t do it right. But again like last time, I just slipped right into it (as if I follow this procedure every day), and the ritual went perfectly. It went so smoothly, in fact, that it was actually kind of creepy; the three of us and Seth were very clearly joined together in some kind of “group mind.” The results of Tina’s divination also turned up some interesting (and unexpected) results, which I guess makes sense (since she’s the first lady in LV-426 and things will naturally be a little different than they were for the guys). I can definitely say with all certainty at this point that Tina definitely belongs here and that Big Red had already made up His mind about that a looooong time ago.

I should point out that this was also the first time we’ve ever had three people present for this procedure; in the last two instances, there were only two (i.e., the initiator and the initiated). If I could have had my way, Tony would have been up here and all four of us would have been present…but perhaps Typhon felt we weren’t ready for that yet. In any case, I asked Patrick to be present because I really wanted him to perform the procedure at first; my original plan was to have him do it while I would supervise. It’s important to me that my brothers and sister know how to do this procedure without me, for while I’d love to be present for every initiation ceremony we ever have (assuming that there will be any more in the future), it may be that one of them will need to do it for someone else without me. However, Patrick was worried that he might screw it up, so we reached a compromise; I’d take care of the initiation part and he’d take care of all the invocations and such. This worked out perfectly, but the really interesting thing was that Patrick also started having some weird visions while I talked Tina through the procedure.

When all was said and done, we officially welcomed Tina to our priesthood as our very first sister in Seth-Typhon. She got a little weepy and remarked on how happy she was to have three awesome new brothers (aw, shucks!). Then we all had some booze and watched some spooky shit on TV in honor of Big Red’s love for eldritch shenanigans. I have to say, I thought doing all of this plus the execration ritual on the same day might be a really bad idea at first…but it all worked out perfectly, and May 30 will live on in my memory as one of the greatest days I’ve ever experienced. Thanks be to Tina, Patrick, my family, and Great Seth for making it possible!


5 responses to “And Now We Are Four

  1. Rev. Dragon's Eye June 6, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    And there,

    You continue your journey(s),

    Through the Darkness of Night,
    Into the Gleaming Daylight.

    A Walk with Lord Sutekh,
    A Walk with Pride and Strength,
    A Walk as the Wise Have Walked,
    Walk in Sutekh’s Shadow.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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  2. Ekunyi July 2, 2015 at 7:51 am

    Many congratulations to all of you on the new addition to your spiritual family! Sounds like a fantastic evening and ritual all around.

    Liked by 1 person

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