In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

The Accusation of Idolatry

This is another old post of mine that I’m recirculating.

In The Desert Of Seth

On Sabbath nights – when it’s time to conduct a religious ritual for Seth-Typhon – I pull out a big statue of the Red Lord that a friend of mine once gave to me. I light a red candle before the statue, turn off the lights and recite a invocation to the God. As I say my prayers throughout the evening, I address them to the statue – treating it as if it were actually a living, breathing entity. Sometimes I’ll even kiss the statue or give it some of my hard-earned food and drink in a bowl. While doing so, I thank Seth for seeing me through yet another week of stress and hard work. Such practices are actually quite common among most (but not all) polytheists. Hindus call it puja (“reverence”), which is their way of inviting a Deity into their home as a distinguished house guest. Monotheists…

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