In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Ishtar (Part 1)

I’ve been going through my archives lately, and I thought I’d bring this one back into the light. Part 1 of 2.

In The Desert Of Seth

Ishtar is the ancient Akkadian Goddess of fertility and war. She’s the daughter of the moon God, Sin (which sounds like “SEEN” and should not be confused with the biblical term for moral transgressions). She’s best understood as being an androgynous and bisexual “Sacred Prostitute” who shares Herself with all living things in exchange for their eventual deaths. This appears to have started when She descended through the seven gates of the Mesopotamian Underworld to confront Her sister, Ereshkigal, who promptly killed Her and hung Her on a hook for three days and nights. All sexual activity ceased upon the Earth during this time, prompting Ishtar’s grandfather Enki to send two asexual demons down to the Underworld to retrieve Her. By empathizing with Ereshkigal’s loneliness and misery, they convinced Her to release Ishtar back into the realm of the living. But in return, Ishtar had to choose someone to…

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