In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Ishtar (Part 2)

I’ve been going through my archives lately, and I thought I’d bring this one back into the light. Part 2 of 2.

In The Desert Of Seth

(Please note: Here is a link to Part 1 of this post for your convenience.)

I first met the Goddess Ishtar in November 1999. I’d been walking with the Red Lord for just over 2 years by that point, and my family and I had been living in central Texas for about 6 months of that time. Now there were moments during my walk with Seth when He appeared to me in a female form. These visions threw me for a loop because I wasn’t yet aware of the fact that He’s a “gender-bender.” They were few and far between at first, but they became much more frequent during the autumn of 1999. They also made me wonder if I wasn’t mistaken about who or what I was worshiping; was He a God or a Goddess? Then, one Sunday evening that November, my family and I went on a trip…

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