In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Seth’s Epagomenal Day

The Egyptians used a “Wandering Calendar” that consists of twelve 30-day months (which are divided into three seasons: the Flooding Season in August, the Planting Season in October, and the Harvest Season in March). It’s described as a “Wandering” Calendar because Wep Ronpet, the New Year festival, is set to the heliacal rise of Sirius (i.e., when Sirius rises just before the dawn). This means it falls on a slightly different date each year (though it usually happens sometime in late July or early August, depending on where you live). If you do the math, you’ll notice that the Wandering Calendar consists of only 360 days; so what the heck happened to the remaining 5 days of the year? They became the epagomenal days or “birthdays” of the Gods Osiris, Isis, Horus (the Elder), Seth-Typhon and Nephthys. These were usually celebrated during the last 5 days before Wep Ronpet, which means they too would fall on different dates each year.

Contemporary followers of the Egyptian Gods calculate the dates for these holy times in many ways. Some calculate them based on when the heliacal rise of Sirius is due to occur in their given area. For instance, Sirius won’t be rising this year in Michigan (i.e., around August 10) at the same time that it does in Egypt (i.e., around August 1). This means that while the five epagomenal days are happening in Egypt right now, they won’t be happening in Michigan until next week. Other people might choose fixed dates on which to observe these festivals, or will observe them during the closest weekends. In Don Webb’s The Seven Faces of Darkness: Practical Typhonian Magic (Runa Raven, 1996), for example, he suggests celebrating Seth’s epagomenal day each year on July 29.

With all of these possible dates, how is anyone to know when to celebrate these festivals? The best answer to this question in my opinion is to say that the actual dates are less important than the general time of year. In LV-426, we observe our version of Wep Ronpet on a fixed date (i.e., August 15) because we think it’s generally always close enough to the heliacal rise of Sirius in America, no matter when it might actually be happening. (August 15 is also the anniversary of my first gnostic experience with Seth, so it’s literally a “New Year” not just in terms of the cosmos but in terms of our personal history as well.) But we aren’t always able to celebrate Wep Ronpet together on that date; we can’t always get off from work or whatever. Our answer to this problem is to treat all of “the Dog Days of Summer” as one gigantic holy month (like the Islamic Ramadan). So as long as you celebrate Wep Ronpet and/or the five epagomenal days during the Dog Days, we think you’re doing okay and that you don’t need to worry if you’re using all the “correct” dates or not.

That being said, there are many people who are celebrating Seth’s epagomenal day today. We don’t really care that much about the epagomenal days ourselves (we are admitted Typhonocentrists, after all, so our version of Wep Ronpet is really all about Seth anyway), but today is undeniably special simply because so many people will be celebrating Our Lord while it lasts. It’s also special (for us at least) because tonight just happens to be the Sabbath, which we observe every week in Seth’s honor. It is therefore my sincerest prayer that everyone who is celebrating Seth’s epagomenal day today (or this week, or next week) will have a most wonderful and lovely day.

May the Lord of the Northern Sky straighten your spine with His holy Iron.
May the Lord of the Red Lands guide you to water when you are lost.
May He Before Whom the Sky Shakes teach you to grow back when you are cut.
May the Lord of Upper Egypt empower you when you are between homes.
May the Enemy and Friend of Horus teach you to see when you are blind.
May the God of Foreigners help you to make the unknown known.
May the Defender of Ra frighten away all evil from your tribe.
May the Friend of the Dead open your mouth to speak words of great power.

All honor and praise upon You, most holy Lord Nubti! IAO BOLCHOSETH ABERAMENTHO TYPHONEUS! Senebty! Em hotep! DUA SUTEKH!

Happy Birthday, Lord, and Happy Sabbath!


One response to “Seth’s Epagomenal Day

  1. Rev. Dragon's Eye July 31, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    And how special it be!

    The rise of the Full Moon on the 30th of this month, should make it extra special.

    “Ne’shae Daasha!”

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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