In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Ghost Show in Detroit, 10/2/2015

Last night’s Ghost show in Detroit was fucking fantastic.

It was at the Majestic, a venue I’ve never visited before. We bought our tickets well in advance (back in August, when Ghost’s new album, Meliora, was released), but as the date of the show got closer, we started to get worried. My wife has been on crutches for the last two weeks due to having a swollen knee (and we’re still not sure why it got swollen in the first place, but at least her doctor prescribed her some good pain meds). Anyway, she was really worried that she couldn’t go because she can’t stand up for very long and needed a chair. Well, I called the Majestic the day before the concert and asked if there was anyway we could make some special provisions for my wife (i.e., a chair). Thankfully, the people there were really understanding and they made the necessary arrangements so my wife could be seated during the show and be able to see the stage perfectly. If you live in the Detroit area and like going to rock shows but are also physically impaired somehow, I definitely recommend the Majestic.

Seeing Ghost really was like a religious experience, like going to church. They really seem to take the whole Satanic ritual atmosphere very seriously. In fact, there were numerous times when it felt as if we were at some kind of tent revival meeting, complete with people raising their hands into the air and talking in tongues and shit – except with Lucifer instead of Jesus. I fucking loved it, and so did my wife and my brother Patrick. I also made a special point of praying to Seth-Typhon before the show and inviting Him to join us. Something tells me the Master heard this prayer and was most definitely in attendance!

I was also very pleased with the audience. For one thing, there was a wide variety of metalheads there. I saw plenty of people in Ghost T-shirts, but I also saw plenty of KISS, King Diamond, Alice Cooper, Rammstein, Mayhem, and Morbid Angel shirts. There were also lots of people sporting pentagrams, goat’s heads and Futhark runes. It wasn’t all concentrated to any particular age group, either. I was very happy to see a guy in his sixties sporting a gigantic Thor’s hammer, as well as a nine-year-old sporting the biggest goddamn Sigil of Baphomet you ever saw. (His mother was with him at the show, and she was clearly a woman who didn’t care for such things. Yet she also clearly wasn’t bothered by the pentagrams or anything; she even let the kid take a photograph of himself with another audience member who was dressed up like Papa Emeritus, the lead singer of Ghost.) And all through the night, random audience members were extremely accommodating toward my wife. Whenever she had to go to the restroom, random people not only cleared the way for her but also helped us get her down the stairs and such.

The atmosphere was just really warm, and the vibe from Ghost themselves was much the same. For a bunch of guys in freaky masks, they just feel like good people. Papa Emeritus (whomever he might really be) would talk to the audience at various points with his Count Dracula accent, and he would especially talk to the kids in the audience. (“Hey, everybody! Let’s hear it for the little boy!”) I’m just absolutely floored by a Satanic metal band that connects with children like that – and I don’t mean adolescents; I’m talking about elementary-level kids. With parents who are completely understanding and supportive. I never thought I’d ever see something like that.

And most importantly, the performance was PERFECT. I don’t know who these guys really are – hell, no one does – but they’ve clearly been doing this for a lot longer than Ghost has existed. There wasn’t a single mistake anywhere in the music; it was all performed perfectly. The other band members – the Nameless Ghouls – all operated as if they were one person with five bodies. There was a moment during the show when I felt as if I were actually witnessing the seven-headed Great Red Dragon of Revelation itself; Papa Emeritus and the Ghouls were its first six heads, and the seventh was a massive painting of the devil that was up on the wall behind them.

It was pretty goddamn sweet.

If you’re wondering why the video above is so short, it’s because I couldn’t stand watching the band through my iPhone. I didn’t want to stare at them through a screen; they were so entrancing, I wanted to see them with my own eyes the entire time. Even recording just those few seconds of footage was almost too much, but I wanted something to remember the show by (and to post here for everyone else).

All in all, last night was the best Sabbath I’ve had in a long time. I highly encourage everyone out there to check Ghost out. If you can, see them live! It’s even better than I expected. Seth bless Ghost!


3 responses to “Ghost Show in Detroit, 10/2/2015

  1. Varian Rose October 3, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    *heads to YouTube to listen to more*

    Any particular songs you’d recommend to start with?

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