In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

The Crone: Wise and Beautiful

A great article, and quite relevant for my family at this time.

Moody Moons

Most of us probably know that Wiccans tend to recognize three phases of the feminine experience:  Maid, Mother & Crone.

In our mainstream society, the first phase is worshiped, the second celebrated, and the third . . . dreaded.  Shunned.  Set aside.  A section of life to be put off with creams and face lifts and hormone replacement.

In an “alternative” spiritual community, particularly such a female-positive one, you’d think that we’d recognize the absurdity and sadness of this attitude.  But we don’t.  So powerful is our upbringing in Western culture, we still struggle to appreciate this third phase as anything but an ending to youth.

What nonsense.  What a waste.

In my early twenties, during the first phases of exploration into the craft, I’d often wished my own grandmother were a practitioner so she could “teach me the ways.”  How I envied the second gens!  How special it must…

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