In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

October 2015 Update

I’ve had a lot of new people start reading this blog over the past few months, and it’s occurred to me that some of my writings are a little too long-winded (especially for those coming in who have no prior knowledge about Paganism in general). For this reason, I am re-writing some of my “About” pages and will be posting newer versions very shortly. I’m also making them into posts instead of pages, so that I can reblog them every now and then whenever I feel a need to do so. The older versions of these pages will still be available, and they will be linked on the newer versions. However, this process will probably take a while because my schedule is just completely messed up for the next several weeks. My wife and I are preparing for a wedding, a vacation, and a death in the family, and I have almost no time to write now. Unfortunately, this means that my artistic project that I planned to put up here this month is simply not going to happen this year. If I can finish it in time for Thanksgiving, I might put it up then; but if not, it’s just going to have to wait until next year. Frankly, I’m really upset about this right now, but I’ll get over it eventually. (I’m just glad I got all of my 31 Days of Halloween III posts written back in August!)

Anyhoo, I’ll be giving this site a face lift over the next several weeks. I’ve also taken down the sitemap because I intend to divide it up into smaller parts somehow (it was just getting way too big). There will also be a glossary going up sometime soon. (Some of my newer readers have actually asked for one, and please don’t worry; it will happen.) Maybe it’s just a result of feeling like my life is in near-total chaos right now; but I really feel like I need a little more order around here. And maybe I can’t make everything “all right” in terms of life and the universe and everything, but I can at least organize things on this website a little better.



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