In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

A Topiary Seth Animal!

I don’t know who did this or what they were trying to accomplish exactly…but I know what it looks like. I imagine they were trying to trim the bush to look like a deer or something, but they couldn’t do the antlers right and ended up making them look like Seth’s ears instead. Imagine my shock and surprise when, while coming home from work one day, I saw this totally random topiary sha animal right across the street from my bus station!

Front side

Left side

Right side

Even if the artist did intend to make a deer, deer are artiodactyls (being related to antelope and such), many of which are sacred to Seth anyway (including oryx, pigs, hippos, etc.). Either way, I took this sight as a good omen. It makes me feel good to know that whether they meant to do so or not, someone else in my area is channeling the Red Lord.


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