In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Remember Al Gore? Why Millennials Need to Vote in 2016

A superb article with an excellent point.


By: Maya Lannen, guest writer.

The static glow of the TV is the only light in the room. Parents stare with wide eyes and clenched jaws, while their daughter sleeps on the couch. Tension fills the air, the verdict so imminent they feel they could reach out and touch it. The newscast seems to have dropped off into an empty space that the announcers can’t seem to fill. In a moment, it’s all over. Across the country, working-class Americans drop their heads into their hands as Florida lights up red on the screen. Twenty-five electoral votes secure the victory for George W. Bush, beginning an era of conservative politics that rivals even his father’s presidency.

The year is 2000. Fifteen years later, a magnet on a working mother’s refrigerator shows a drawing of George W. Bush, with the caption, “I bet you’ll vote next time, hippie!”

The election in 2000…

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