In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Apophis

The Supreme Enemy of all Gods and creatures. It’s an evil monster from the Void outside of Creation, and it seeks to uncreate everything the Gods have made (from the largest galaxy to the smallest subatomic particle). Thanks to the Gods, Apophis can’t attack our world directly; but it can worm its way into people’s souls, turning them into qliphoth and manipulating them into doing things to help its goals. This spiritual monster can never be completely destroyed; it can only be ritually execrated. It is also known as “the Evil Worm” and “the Backward Face,” and its name must always be crossed out whenever it is written.

Seth defending Atum-Ra and Hir solar barque from the evil Apophis, represented beneath the barque as a gigantic snake

Further reading: The Backward Face, Bitch-Slappin’ The Backward Face


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