In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Isis

Wife of Osiris, mother of Horus, and sister of Seth. She’s a Goddess of fertility, maternity and benign witchcraft who, along with Osiris, instructed ancient mortals in the ways of agriculture. She was the single most popular Goddess in the ancient world, being worshiped not only in Egypt but also in Greece, Rome, Northern Europe, and even Great Britain. Isis is also one of the first Egyptian Deities to attract a major following in post-Enlightenment Western culture. Furthermore, the iconography of the Virgin Mary holding the Christ child is taken directly from earlier images of Isis holding the baby Horus. (Please note: Isis should not be confused with the terrorist group ISIL or DAESH, which is wrongfully called ISIS by the American media.)

The Goddess Isis

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3 responses to “Glossary: Isis

  1. sepultura13 November 23, 2015 at 10:19 am

    It always gives me a pang when news reporters wrongfully use the name of Isis…they really need to label and call ISIL / DAESH by those names alone.

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    • G. B. Marian November 28, 2015 at 8:42 pm

      It just doesn’t make sense. Even our President insists on using ISIL instead of ISIS, and our government refers to it as ISIL in all of its communications. Yet our media continue insisting on using ISIS, almost like they insist on defying how this group is actually identified by the authorities. Honestly, I think it has something to do with not pissing off Israel. I wrote a letter to CNN about it, but of course I never got a reply. Figures.

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      • sepultura13 November 30, 2015 at 12:16 pm

        I think that you’re correct – for some reason, the feelings of Israel are pandered to more than any other Middle Eastern country.
        You might get a response if you write a letter to Melissa Harris-Perry at MSNBC – she seems to be one that kinda-sorta gives a care for calling something what it is.
        I just had a thought…perhaps this is why the sicknesses in the world seem so much greater, lately – people are taking Isis’s name in vain. It’s an insult to the goddess of healing, no?

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