In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Kemeticism

The revival or reconstruction of ancient Egyptian religion and spirituality in contemporary times. This word is taken from Kemet (“Black Land”), which is the indigenous name for Egypt. In my opinion at least, there’s a difference between Kemeticism and other forms of Paganism that are inspired by Egypt (e.g., Thelema, Tameran Wicca, etc.). While there are many different kinds of Kemeticism, most engage the Gods in ways that are true to the ancient Egyptian worldview; other Egyptian-based spiritualities incorporate the Gods into such newer ideologies as Wicca or Hermetic Qabalah. We don’t identify as Kemetic in the LV-426 Tradition because we see ourselves as practicing a new faith rather than reviving an old one; but since we’re devotional polytheists, we’re much closer in spirit to Kemeticism than we are to most other Egyptian-based paths.

The Truth and the Mother Shrine, which is sacred to practitioners of Kemetic Orthodoxy

Further reading: Differences in Religious Practices


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