In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Khepesh

The mighty Weapon of Seth, which was originally part of His body. It’s sometimes described as His “Bone,” “Thigh” or “Testicles,” but the general idea is that it’s tied to His cataclysmic strength, His linear immortality and His queer sexuality all at once. It was removed from His body by Horus during Their war, but it was later returned to Him and is now used to smite monsters like Apophis. At a cosmic level, Khepesh is the astral counterpart to the Big Dipper; yet it can also be “drawn down” into anything made from iron. This procedure can be used to execrate evil spirits or to “open the mouths” of mundane objects (i.e., consecrating them into sacred vessels for Gods and spirits). In LV-426, Khepesh is much like “the Blood of the Lamb” is for Christians; it’s a part of the mystical body of our God against which no evil can triumph.

Khepesh in all its starry glory; photo by VincentJames21

Further reading: Khepesh: The Iron of Seth


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