In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: LV-426 Tradition

The name that my congregation and I prefer to use for our unique spiritual path (at least in public). We are a devotional polytheist path that combines an appreciation for Egyptian mythology and the dark side of nature with a belief that modern popular culture is saturated with secret signs and messages from the Gods. We’re each individually free to worship and/or pray to as many different Deities as we like, but Great Seth is the single most important Divinity in the entire multiverse as far as we’re concerned, and our beliefs and practices are all centered on Him. There are only four of us at this time (i.e., Tony, Patrick, Tina and myself), but people from each of our families often participate in rituals and holiday celebrations with us. We are truly egalitarian, having no membership hierarchy and making all of our group decisions democratically.

The LV-426 Sigil

Further reading: The LV-426 Tradition


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