In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Miew Khem

An LV-426 holy time that lasts for 28 days, and which only occurs 3 times every 28 years. It occurs when there is a Friday the 13th in February and then another Friday the 13th immediately afterwards in March. For us, this is an extremely powerful cosmic convergence in which the normal implications of any normal Friday the 13th are heightened significantly. It usually coincides with one or more of us experiencing a major initiatory crisis that’s extremely painful but also necessary. As such, we refer to this period as Miew Khem (“Black Cat” in Egyptian) in reference to the fact that black cats are so often considered “unlucky,” but are actually quite holy. (Black is the color of fertility in Egyptian culture, and cats are apotropaic creatures that frighten away qliphoth.)

Black cats are considered lucky in LV-426

Further reading: Friday the 13th (The Holiday), Miew Khem: The Month of the Black Cat


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