In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Opening of the Mouth

An ancient Egyptian ceremonial ritual in which mundane objects are consecrated and thereby transformed into sacred vessels for Gods and spirits. It was often used during funerals to help deceased people regain sentience in the afterlife; yet it was also used to consecrate images of the Gods for worship. The procedure involved pressing an iron adze upon the mouths of said images, and this adze was considered to represent Khepesh, the Weapon of Seth. Since Khepesh was an integral part of this magic, we in LV-426 view Seth as the God who makes it possible for the material and spiritual dimensions to be “bridged” in this way. One might say that we “open the mouths” of things that other people would consider mundane (e.g., horror movies, heavy metal albums, etc.) and thereby transform them into sacred Typhonian objects.

Horus “opening the mouth” of a mummy

Further reading: Khepesh: The Iron of Seth, The Underworld


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