In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Qliphoth

Qliphoth is the term that we prefer to use in LV-426 for what most people would call “demons” (in the sense of “evil spirits”). This is because the word demon is actually a morally neutral term in the original Greek; it refers to any spirit that exists between mortals and the Gods (regardless of whether it’s good or evil). Qliphoth are more specifically the astral “shells” of beings and worlds that no longer exist and that have been deemed unworthy of a happy afterlife. Like vampires, they cling to life by haunting and tormenting the living whenever possible. They are are used by Apophis to spread isfet in the human world (with the hope of causing more humans to become qliphoth after death). As frightening as they may seem, however, qliphoth are very easily exorcised, especially through the power of Seth. The singular form of the word qliphoth is qlipha.

Freddy Krueger is a good example of a fictional qlipha in popular culture

Further reading: Qliphoth


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