In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Seth

Otherwise known as Set, Sutekh, Suti or Typhon, Seth is a God who was originally worshiped in Egypt over five millennia ago. He’s often described as a God of “chaos” or “confusion,” but these terms don’t really do Him justice. The most important thing to understand about Him is that He has two primary roles. As the Slayer of Osiris, He keeps the wheel of life in constant motion, forcing the regenerative powers of nature to do their job; as the Savior of Atum-Ra, He wards off chaos monsters (especially Apophis) and prevents them from destroying the cosmos. In LV-426, we believe in the existence of many Gods and Goddesses, and we are each free to worship and/or pray to as many of Them as we like. But together, we believe that Seth (or “Big Red”) is the single most important Deity of all time, and we worship Him above all others.

Great Seth, Our Beloved Lord and Savior

Further reading: The Great God Seth


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