In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Typhonianism

The Holy Sha, Seth-Typhon’s most sacred critter, otherwise known as the Seth Animal or the Typhonian Beast

A term that historically refers to the worship of Seth (and not to the worship of the Greek Typhon). The word Typhonian originated as a pejorative label for any person, animal or thing that was thought to resemble or belong to Seth. This included red-haired animals and people, foreigners, immigrants, nomadic desert tribes, homosexuals, heavy drinkers, and anyone who behaved like a “man of the people” (e.g., nobles or royal family members who behaved like common people). In terms of spiritual practices, the term was used for certain procedures in the Greek magical papyri that treat Seth as the Supreme God and that beseech His aid for both benign and malefical goals. Today, the term is most often associated with the theories of Kenneth Grant, a Thelemite and student of Aleister Crowley. However, those of us in LV-426 consider all spiritualities in which Seth plays a major role to be valid forms of Typhonianism (including Typhonian Thelema, the Temple of Set, and the worship of Seth in Kemeticism).

Further reading: Aberamentho: Seth-Typhon, Yahweh and Jesus Christ, Big Red and the Bad Angel, Seth-Typhon and the Greek Typhon: Are They The Same?


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