In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

A Great Many Thanks!

Thank You, Great Seth, for the fact that my wife and I are both still alive; that we’re still happily married; that we still live in our lovely home; that I still have a good job to help us keep our home; and that we are still surrounded by so many loving friends and family. Thank You for existing; for caring enough about me and my family to help us through our struggles; for making me one of Your priests; and for bringing Tony, Patrick, Tina and I together in You.

Thank You, Lady Ishtar, for choosing Jessica for Your priestess; for bringing her and I together as wife and husband; for helping us to do so well together in our marriage; for helping me to be a good feminist man; for blessing our nephew with your Luciferian fire and passion; for loving and collaborating with my Lord Seth; and for all those wonderful experiences I shared with You back in Texas.

Thank you, my brothers and sister in Seth, for joining me in my life’s most important endeavor; for sharing the might and the love of our Master with me; for tending to my spiritual needs just as I tend to yours; for supporting me in both the good times and the bad; and for helping me defeat the Evil Worm again and again, forever and ever, Amen. Big Red knows that I would be lost without the three of you, so thank you all for being my family in Him.

Thank you all of our ancestors, both known and unknown, for doing all you have done to bring us into this world; for surviving, for raising your children and grandchildren, and for being with us in spirit when our hemisphere tilts away from the Sun.

Thank you all of my family; my mother and father, sister and brother, aunt, uncle and grandmother; my wife, my fathers-in-law, my sisters-in-law, my aunts- and uncles-in-law; my cousins and nieces and nephews; and all of those whom we call family regardless of not being related by blood or by marriage. Thank you all for being my family and for enrichening our lives with your presence.

Thank you all of my friends, both offline and online, for being there and supporting me in what I do. Thank you all of my co-workers for being so great at what you do and for contributing to such a positive work environment. Thank you all of our local police and emergency services for doing such a great job of keeping our neighborhoods safe. And thank you all of our local bus drivers for putting up with so much bad weather and so many uppity patrons just to get the rest of us where we need to be on time each day.

Happy Thanksgiving; Gods bless us all.


One response to “A Great Many Thanks!

  1. Leeby Geeby December 4, 2015 at 10:15 am

    Gratitude is of such primary importance in spiritual wellbeing. Which reminds me that I should get back to doing my morning gratitude prayers. What an incredible difference a little intention setting can do.


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