In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Miew Khem 1970 Message

Something I discovered while taking a video class during my sophomore year of high school in the spring of 1999. Using the video equipment that was available in that class, I copied the first Black Sabbath album to a VHS tape and then listened to the entire thing backwards, hoping to hear a backmasked message of some sort. For a good long while, I thought there was nothing…until I got to the very end of the recording (which was actually the beginning of the album). At the point when Ozzy Osbourne sings the very first lyric (i.e., “What is this…?”), I heard what sounded like a sentence, and that sentence chilled me to my very bones.

To be clear, I don’t believe for one second that Black Sabbath intentionally backmasked this message into their music; if it isn’t just an example of pareidolia, I’ve always figured that Someone snuck this message into the music when Sabbath weren’t looking. But because the message we hear in this audio clip is so meaningful to us, we in LV-426 have adopted it as a sort of “catchphrase” that we use in our prayers and rituals. Since this recording was initially released on Friday February 13, 1970, and since that date was the first day of Miew Khem 1970 (since there was another Friday the 13th the following March), we refer to this oddity as “the Miew Khem 1970 Message.”

To avoid contaminating other people’s reactions to it, I’ll refrain from stating what we hear when we listen to this clip; but here it is if you’d like to judge it for yourself.

Further reading: Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath (1970), Friday the 13th (The Holiday), An LV-426 Typhonian View on Heavy Metal, Miew Khem: The Holy Month of the Black Cat, Ozzy Osbourne: Bark At The Moon (1983), Trick or Treat (1986)


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