In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Glossary: Setheus

Setheus is what we call the Secret Place of Seth, which occupies the same place in Duat that the Big Dipper occupies in our material dimension. The name Setheus itself appears to have been the name of a Gnostic concept that isn’t related to Seth-Typhon at all. In his book, The Seven Faces of Darkness: Practical Typhonian Magic (Runa Raven, 1996), Don Webb applies this name to a region in Duat that the Coffin Texts call Re-Setaue or Rostau. However, it’s unclear as to whether Rostau is really the realm of Seth in Ursa Major or something else entirely. (Some sources think it’s a name for Giza.) Nevertheless, we started using the name Setheus in LV-426 for Seth’s domain a long time ago, and since we don’t have a better name for it yet, the name has stuck. That being said, we don’t claim to know what it’s actually like up there in Setheus, but we figure it’s probably a gloomy frontier where Seth and His armored saints are always fighting chaos monsters. (In fact, it’s probably like living in James Cameron’s Aliens, except none of the Space Marines can ever die. Yeah!)

Artist’s conception of what things might look like in Setheus

Further reading: After The Flesh, The Underworld


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