In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Happy Friday the 13th!


This is a rewritten version of a post that was originally published on Friday, June 13, 2014.

In the LV-426 Tradition, Friday the 13th is a time to celebrate Seth-Typhon’s more adversarial side. It’s easy to praise Him for defending Ra from Apophis, but when you stop and think about it, it’s really just as necessary for Him to kill Osiris. This isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone, but if it never happened, the cycle of life would simply wind down into a state of inertia (and Apophis would win). There must be death for there to be life, there must be pain for there to be pleasure, and there must be a past for there to be a future. In our opinion, it’s just as important to thank Big Red for occasionally putting us through the meat grinder as it is to thank Him for protecting us and giving us strength, for human beings actually need both of these things (even if we don’t want both of them). That’s what Friday the 13th is all about for us (and here’s a post that explains why).

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking my first day off from work since the winter holidays. (It’s well-deserved, let me tell you!) During the day, my plan is to mow the entire lawn (i.e., I will become Seth and slay Osiris all over my property); then, in the evening, Brother Patrick will come over. There will be contemplation of our past tragedies and of how these have made us the people we are now. I have much to contemplate in this respect, given that many stressful and depressing things have happened since last fall. But I also have much to be grateful for, especially now (though I still won’t mention why just yet, so as not to jinx myself). We will light red candles for the Big Guy, we will make offerings, and we will pray for Him to guide us and give us strength when it’s our turn to go through the meat grinder again. But lest we make all of this too solemn for ourselves, we will also watch horror movies, eat pizza and laugh together at our fears. For while 13 is a number of death and dispersion, it is also a number of reunion and new beginnings.

Brother Patrick and my wife and I are also going to go investigate one of Michigan’s many abandoned ghost towns this weekend. We haven’t decided which one just yet, but this is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’ll take some pictures and write up a post about whatever we might find and/or experience. I’m not only psyched for this because it’s just a fun thing to do in and of itself; this is also the time of year when I start getting the “Greyhound Bug” again. That’s when I feel a mad urge to just throw all my cares to the wind, buy me a round trip Greyhound bus ticket, and ride all over the country like a nomad for a month or two. I’m not in a position to do that this year (though one year I will be), but I’ll settle for going on several weekend road trips in the meantime.

It’s also meaningful to me that this Friday the 13th is happening right at the start of the Atlantic hurricane season (which begins in May and ends in November). Hurricanes are under Big Red’s jurisdiction, and while they can be extremely destructive and scary, they’re also really cool. (Ever since the awesome thunderstorms my wife and I witnessed at Wep Ronpet last year, summer has officially taken autumn’s place as my favorite season.) This is also the time of year when Sirius, the star of the Goddess Isis, vanishes for about 70 days, which relates to how Seth pursues Isis and the baby Horus after killing Osiris. When Sirius reappears in late July and early August, it will be time once again for the Epagomenal Days and for Wep Ronpet.

Though almost no one else thinks of it as a “holiday” like we do, here’s wishing everyone a happy Friday the 13th. Here’s praying that something good happens to everyone who’s reading this tomorrow. (And if you see any black cats, be nice to them! A visit from one of Ishtar’s black-furred avatars on Friday the 13th is a good omen, not a bad one!)


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