In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Summer Solstice 2016

We had a Summer Solstice party two weekends ago, on Saturday, June 18. We invited our entire Pagan family, which meant we had about 15 people present. I cooked a truckload of food, and we all ate burgers and drank booze on the back deck. (Veggie burgers were available for those who identify as herbivores.) During the week before the party, my wife built a brick fire pit in the back yard (with her own two hands, no less!). So when the night of the party came, we got to have a proper Midsummer party on the premises. At twilight, my wife led a ritual in which we all wrote down things we wanted to draw into our lives; then we folded the pieces of paper like envelopes, filled them with a concoction of spices my wife had whipped up, and tossed them into the fire. The full moon came out just as we were doing all of this, and it was quite a sight. I don’t think we’ve ever used our back yard as much as we did that night, because I never realized just how neat the sky looks from back there. Everyone was deeply moved by my wife’s ritual, and as people left for home, I thanked them for joining us here at “the First Temple of Seth and Ishtar” in our township.


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