In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Millennials and Muslims

Considering the disturbing spike in hate crimes that has occurred across our country since Donald Trump won the Presidency earlier this month, it might do your heart some good to hear about a mosque being “vandalized” in a very different sort of way:

Mosque is “Vandalized” with Messages of Love From Local Community (Huffington Post)

And personally, there are some things about Millennials that even I don’t understand; but I think many of the people in this rising generation really do have the right idea, especially when they do things like this:

Allies Form a Circle of Protection Around Muslim Students Praying in Michigan (Huffington Post)

This is the sort of thing I like to see.


One response to “Millennials and Muslims

  1. Erica Mary Eleanor November 23, 2016 at 9:32 pm

    Reading the comments on one of those posts was terrible! But the stories were nice and uplifting!

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