In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

A Meeting Upon Water

This is something really special right here; it gives me some serious chills!

Between Stars Unknown

This bit of fiction is based on the fact that both Seth (the Kemetic god) and Jesus Christ share a title “Lord of the Water.”  (I found that bit of information here.)

This story also incorporates some of my personal gnosis about my gods.

It was calm, where the two gods stood.  Seth found it easier to hold a conversation in the eye of a storm, rather than the middle of the howling wind and pounding rain.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”  Jesus said.  “Calmed storms, done miracles, saved lives?”  He rocked with the waves, keeping on his feet.

“You can do this,” Seth smiled.  “I know it’s strange, being in human flesh, but humans can be great miracle workers to, as much as any god.”  He changed the subject.  “At our meeting in the desert, you said I wasn’t your Father’s lawyer.  It wouldn’t have been fair…

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  1. Varian December 19, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    I’m so glad you liked this. (Seeing you reblog this and reading your comment made my day.)

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