In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Happy Friday the 13th, January 2017!


Happy Friday the 13th!

Praise Osiris for giving us all the strength to grow back when we are cut down!

Praise Typhon Set for making our regenerative powers thrive in the first place!

Praise Ishtar, Diana, and all the other Ladies who bestow Their powers upon the women of the earth!

May all who suffer today be reborn and made as new tomorrow, to explore bold new horizons!

May all who read this holiday message be blessed, regardless of color or creed!

And if you see any black cats today, don’t run away! Give them a smile and a tasty treat, for they are just doing their job to keep the evil spirits away from your neighborhood! Reward them for their services, and good fortune will come your way!



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