CNN: Thai Cave Rescue: All 12 boys, Soccer Coach Freed From Cave

The boys and the coach who were trapped down in the Thai caves have finally all been rescued. They’ve been taken to a hospital, but so far it seems that they are all stable and no one has been fatally harmed or injured. What a miracle it is that these boys went through 18 days of being trapped in solid darkness with no food or connection with the outside world, and yet they are all still alive and soon to be reunited with their families. If you ask me, their coach deserves some mighty big props for ensuring that no one was hurt too bad while they were all trapped down there. Everything else that’s happening in the world today might be messed up, but at least this one story has a happy ending.

The last remaining member of the Wild Boars soccer team and his coach have been pulled out of a flooded cave in Thailand, bringing an end to a near three-week ordeal that prompted a huge international rescue effort.

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