CNN: Nike’s Support of Colin Kaepernick Protest Has Some Destroying Their Shoes

Wow—just when I thought there was nothing else Trump supporters could do to surprise me. You know, if you really want to protest something, it usually works better if you DON’T give the company you’re protesting any money. Refusing to buy the company’s products is how most people usually do it. But if you buy the company’s products and then destroy them on camera for all to see, you are accomplishing nothing. The company still gets its money, you have still made a purchase, and you have destroyed your own property to boot. The only person who loses in this situation is the “protester,” who is actually still behaving as a faithful customer.

Additionally, there is no reason for these people to be protesting Nike in the first place. Colin Kaepernick’s actions have nothing to do with veterans, the Armed Forces, or even President Trump. The entire purpose of taking a knee during football games was to raise awareness about police brutality against black Americans, which was already an issue long before the current White House Administration came into play. Kneeling before the flag doesn’t even qualify as a “disrespectful” gesture in my book. If Kaepernick had wiped his ass with an American flag on the field for everyone to see, that would have been one thing; but historically, kneeling has always been considered a gesture of respect (like when knights kneel before their queens). Hell, I often kneel before Set when I invoke Him during formal rituals, so I fail to see the problem here.

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