News & Guts: Trump May Be Trying to “Legislate Trans Folks Out of Existence” — Knight of Angels

Here is just one more reason why we all need to vote Democrat on Tuesday, November 6.

It seems that acknowledgment of my very existence hangs in the balance. I’ll let the article speak for itself. Rather than go off into a rage or fear-induced tailspin, I will simply say this. Trans rights are human rights.

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5 thoughts on “News & Guts: Trump May Be Trying to “Legislate Trans Folks Out of Existence” — Knight of Angels

  1. I learned about this yesterday. I am waiting to see what comes of it. I don’t know what our options will be if it passes. I get enough trouble from the state I live in as it is. I’m sure Georgia can’t wait for the opportunity to do more, let alone other shithole states.

    Actually, I’m prohibited from voting in GA because I was able to finally update my gender marker on IDs. Too bad voting registration in Fulton county simply ignores the update to gender. Anything else, sure, updates no problem. But not the gender marker. Even though they check against your info with the DMV. Was registered before I was able to change the marker, so they just keep falling back on that. So that’s going on too I guess. :/

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    1. Wow, that sounds like the “Three Fifths” Compromise all over again—yet another attempt at disenfranchising an entire voter demographic by legally dehumanizing them. I’m so sorry this is happening to you, to my nephew, and to so many other people. Regardless of what the state of Georgia might think, you have the right to vote no matter what your gender identity might be, and yours is exactly the kind of voice that needs to be heard right now.


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