CNN: Doctors Start Movement in Response to NRA, Calling for More Gun Research

Earlier this month, the NRA tweeted this:

Someone should tell the NRA to shut the fuck up and let the medical community do its job. Nobody bats an eyelash when doctors advise their patients to quit smoking; I fail to see how gun ownership should be treated any differently. Newsflash, assholes: our gun culture has now become a major public health crisis. With all the mass shootings that keep happening across this country every week (including this week), there is simply no way to deny this fact anymore. And something clearly needs to be done about it, because this situation just isn’t sustainable. At the current rate, we’ll be lucky if any of our future generations make it to their high school graduations alive. Honestly, it’s getting to a point where I don’t ever want to leave my house anymore, because the world outside has become even more unpredictable and dangerous than it was before.

The NRA has no business telling the medical community what to do. These people are doctors, nurses, and other medical experts; they’re the people you want by your side when you have a fatal gunshot wound and mere minutes to live. And as far as I can tell, none of them are talking about banning guns altogether. They’re only calling for more intensive research on gun violence, and for talking to patients about the dangers of gun ownership. That’s it. And just like smokers who continue to light up after they’ve been advised not to, gun owners won’t be under any obligation to listen. They can keep their guns and perform fellatio on them for all anyone cares. The NRA is just bristling about this because it doesn’t even want the issue to be discussed, and that is an extremely dangerous position to take. I don’t care how much you dislike the idea of gun control; if you think doctors shouldn’t be discussing this issue at all, then perhaps you should forego calling an ambulance the next time someone shoots your ass.

Hats off to all the ladies and gentlemen who work in medicine and who have been reacting to the NRA on their social media. Now is not a good time to be silent.

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