Congratulations to Representatives Omar and Tlaib

Congratulations to Ilhan Omar, Democratic Representative for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, and to Rashida Tlaib, Democratic Representative for my own state of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, for their historic achievement of becoming the first Muslim Americans ever to be elected to Congress! I’m glad Muslim women and girls here in the States have two strong new role models they can now look up to. Here’s wishing all the best for Representatives Omar and Tlaib as they work with the rest of Congress to keep America from totally going down the crapper. (All of us here in Detroit are rooting for you, Rashida!)

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Representatives Omar and Tlaib

  1. Would like to invite G.B. Marian, and anyone else who would like to participate, to join me on the 20th for a ritual to honor Set’s “Unmournable” akhu. I made a recent post on WP explaining it. As part of the ritual I am also encouraging people to send me receipts for charitable donations to Set’s living people (I posted it this morning and already have $50 to La Via Campesina, “the international movement…of peasants, farmers, and farmless people around the world.”) or letters written to prisoners.

    I know a lot of you witchy people have already got to have plans for the badass blood wolf moon, but would like to extend an invitation. Contact me through my tumblr (same as my WP) for the discord link, hopefully I’ll have a time picked out within 2 or 3 days.

    Especially since you were one of the very first people who talked to me about Set, especially as a Christian, it would mean a lot to me if you could attend. Either way, happy new year, and don’t let the bastards grind you down! ❤


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