The Michigan Daily: Two Columns by Dana Pierangeli

A Setian’s autonomy is sacred. Do NOT touch me without permission, do NOT tell me how to live my life, and do NOT take from me what is rightfully mine. This includes not only my property, but also my body, my mind, and my very soul. The same rule applies equally to both male and female Setians. Even the gods themselves must respect human autonomy if we are to show them any respect in return. We are neither their possessions nor their property, and whenever they forget this, we have every right to remind them by smashing their images and burning their altars to the ground! And if I am willing to defy a god for my autonomy (and I have!), you’d better believe I will defy any human being for my autonomy as well—even if it’s a blood relative. My old man once beat the shit out of me for not renouncing Set and pretending to be a good little Christian boy. I remember how fucking crazy he looked while he was smacking me around that day, too. But none of his threats or blows ever worked, because Set is mighty, and so am I!

But it’s only been a few years since I learned how much harder it actually is for women to protect their autonomy than it is for men. I’ve been railing against the patriarchy for years, but it wasn’t until I reached my 30s that I learned how some women will pack knives or even guns while they’re out jogging at night, or how some will jog in groups to avoid being attacked or raped. Simply because of my genitalia, I’ve never had to think about carrying a weapon whenever I leave my home, and this fact disgusts me. If I had been born with a vagina instead, would I even be alive today? Somehow I am not so sure I would be, given the sheer amount of violence against women that is perpetrated across this earth with every passing moment.

The following two articles are by Dana Pierangeli of the Michigan Daily, the official University of Michigan newsletter. They are quite disturbing to read, but extremely informative. If you have yourself an XY chromosome like I do, you need to read what this woman has to say. I’m absolutely positive the women in your life will appreciate it.

The Michigan Daily: To the Boys Who Tell Us They Live in Fear
The Michigan Daily: It’s Taxing To Be a Girl

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