Awww! Who’s a Good Little Atomic Dinosaur?

In honor of the new Godzilla movie, out in theaters now!


2 thoughts on “Awww! Who’s a Good Little Atomic Dinosaur?

  1. Nice. I’m super excited for the new Godzilla movie. I can’t wait to see it. I’ve been watching all the ones I have on DVD as a sort of marathon, even the 1998? one that most other fans despite at all costs. I swear I’m the only Godzilla fan who actually likes and enjoy that movie as well.

    I don’t like the new layout? Format? Whatever of your blog/website. It’s nowhere near as accessible as the old design of it was, and now it’s a major pain to get my screen reader to co-operate when I try to navigate your blog at all.

    Especially so with the majority of your posts. I couldn’t find the one you made on the Mountains of Madness, which I commented on a good long while ago. I have since watched it for thefirst time and wanted to reply to my comment on there on my thoughts on it. But yeah, I couldn’t find it at all.

    Also, the contact form for your blog/site requires a vertification code but doesn’t offer an audio alternative.

    But I do hope you enjoy the new Godzilla movie though.

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    1. Thank you very much for this excellent feedback; I greatly appreciate it! I’m not sure what is causing the screen reader issue, but I wonder if it has anything to do with my being on Angelfire? I’m actually stretched across a few different platforms, with the blog part of the site being here on WordPress and the more text-heavy part being over there on Angelfire. I’ll look into this and see if I can’t figure out what’s going on here.

      The reason you can’t find the In the Mouth of Madness post is because I have temporarily unpublished it. I’m in the process of updating it, along with some of my other stuff too. Sorry it’s taking me so long, but I plan to have the review back up and re-published by the end of this month. I can schedule a reminder for myself to email you and let you know when it’s published, if you would like. And thank you very, very much for your suggestion about the Contact Form—I’ll see what I can do to add an audio option!

      Also, I know a few other souls who enjoy the 1998 Godzilla with Matthew Broderick. It’s hard for me to sit through that movie myself, but objectively speaking, it’s nowhere near being the “worst movie ever” like some people say it is. And if I pretend it’s really a remake of The Beast From 2,000 Fathoms instead of Godzilla, I find myself enjoying it better. I hope you enjoy this new movie too! Hope you have lots of fun seeing it at the theater. 😁


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