The Wild Hunt: ADF Repudiates Isaac Bonewits

This is excellent news. I applaud ADF for actually having the ovaries to do this. For a refresher on my own issues with Isaac Bonewits, check out my sermon, “Rosemary’s Baby, The Satanic Panic, and Pagan Leadership.”

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Rosemary’s Baby, the Satanic Panic, and Pagan Leadership

One thought on “The Wild Hunt: ADF Repudiates Isaac Bonewits

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    As an additional note…

    I can imagine the heartbreak these people are feeling, and I empathize. I also think ADF’s decision was not made lightly and shows a great deal of integrity. I’m not a Druid, but my line of spirituality was partly influenced by Aleister Crowley; yet I fully acknowledge Crowley was an absolute ghoul, and we have never once honored him at any of our services in my circle. I see this matter as being much the same in principle. If it were somehow determined that the person who invented the wheel was a murderer, would this mean we need to ditch everything we now have in our lives with wheels? No, that would be ridiculous. It will be a long and hard healing process for ADF, but this is a remarkably huge step in the right direction, and I pray the gods will bless them and be with them as they work together to grow past this.

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