NBC News: Pence attends homophobic sermon streamed on White House YouTube channel

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Minutes after Pence promised congregants at the Holy City Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee, that he would “stand strong for the values that you hold dear,” Bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor launched into a diatribe about the “demonic” nature of homosexuality.

“We have to encourage young men and women to get married,” Taylor said from the pulpit. “It’s a demonic spirit that causes a woman to want to lie with another woman. It’s a demonic spirit that causes a man to be attracted to another man.”

Any love that is shared between consenting adults is HOLY, regardless of whether it is shared between a man and woman or people of the same sex. If you want to discuss demons, Jerry, then let’s discuss the one that’s speaking through YOU right this very minute. The Serpent has shoved its ugly old head right up your pampered little cakehole, and you’ve become one of its ass puppets. I pray you will break free of this spell and realize just how much you are really harming your neighbors, your siblings, your parents and children by vomiting such toxic lies.

Later, Taylor called homosexuality “unnatural,” justifying his characterization by falsely claiming that same-sex attraction is unique to humans.

“You never see two male animals coming together,” he said. “We’ve got to expose what the devil is doing.”

Try again, Mr. Scientist.

Earlier in the service, Bishop Vincent Matthews Jr. dubbed Pence “one of the most persecuted Christians in America” and praised his faith.

The only persecuted Christians I see in this country are all the brown people whose babies are being stuffed in cages by our white-owned and white-operated government. Do you have anything to say about THAT, Bishop Matthews? Christians in China and Indonesia know what persecution is. Christians who are detained in American concentration camps know what persecution is. But Mike Pence has never been “persecuted” by anyone in his life; and even if it is eventually proven that he and President Trump belong in prison, he will probably get off scotch free. So don’t fucking sit there and cry about how “persecuted” Pence is when there are actual Christians in cages RIGHT HERE IN OUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY, Christians who’ve been torn away from their families and who may never see their loved ones again!

Charlotte Clymer, a Christian and a spokesperson for national LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign, said Pence’s appearance at Sunday’s event is another example of the vice president using his “perception of faith as a cudgel against vulnerable communities.”

Clymer also said the event’s anti-gay sermon feeds a popular misconception that all faith groups are anti-LGBTQ, adding, “Christ clearly taught us to love one another.”

I appreciate the fact that there are now Christians who are pro-LGBTQ. However, the reason people think all Christians are anti-LGBTQ is because they have been demonizing LGBTQ people for thousands of years. This is not some aberration or new development; it’s been the norm for TWO MILLENNIA. I love seeing churches in my neighborhood that proudly display the rainbow flag; but even just 10 years ago, this was not a thing. It’s been less than a decade since Christians started re-evaluating their positions on the LGBTQ community en masse, and while it’s commendable that they are now doing so, they have not done enough for us to say, “Well that stuff is all behind us now.” If you really wanted to impress the rest of us, you’d have seen the light decades ago, and we would not still be arguing with asscrackers like Bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor here.

I can’t just sit here and listen to these people throw fake religion and fake science around without saying something back. So here’s a nice little prayer to Set I’ve prepared. The text of this spell is included below, in case the graphic is not legible enough.

O You who rule the darkest heavens!
Open wide the gates to Your Desert,
And come forth from beyond the Great Bear!
Hear us, O Lord, as we cry out for vindication!
Reach down with Your mighty red hand,
And SMASH all those who would defy
The presence of our Creator in others!

Remove their eyes,
That they may no longer see!
Remove their mouths,
That they may no longer speak!
Remove their hands,
That they may no longer touch!
Remove their legs,
That they may no longer stand!

Lay waste to their temples!
Disabuse them of their gods!
Fetter their jaws with the strongest iron,
And throw these enemies of Truth
To Your enemy, the Serpent!
May they wither and crawl
And mourn and fade away
Into nothingness
For all time beyond death!

All honor and praise unto You,

One thought on “NBC News: Pence attends homophobic sermon streamed on White House YouTube channel

  1. As Mr. Pence streamed this through a White House You Tube channel – which I assume is officially sanctioned by the White House itself – surely this alone must be grounds for some kind of retribution against his behavior?

    We have a similar issue in Australia at the moment where right wing Christian politicians are using their platform to push their own divisive and harmful agendas. It is interesting that they have forgotten that they are elected to represent all of us and not only the hate filled constituents of their sad little churches.

    The prayer is delightful, thanks.

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