CNN: The Vote to Have Witnesses Failed

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So the Senate voted against calling any witnesses in the impeachment trial, effectively rewarding President Trump for his illegal campaigning activities. The balance of power between the three branches of government is now compromised, and Congress has just proven it will not hold the executive branch accountable for anything. So we basically have a despot in the White House now, and American democracy will never be the same. It really does seem like this asshole could actually shoot and kill someone on Fifth Avenue, and he would still get off scotch free.

What kills me, though, is that this is literally a historical moment in the making,  but for most people at this point it’s just another bit of bad news we don’t really want to acknowledge. We are all so jaded, we all want to just stick our heads in the sand. I’d rather be talking about magic and theology right now, but here I am thinking about politics, and some readers no doubt probably wish I wouldn’t. But these are some truly scary events taking place in the American government right now,  and they will effect all of us, regardless of what we each believe or don’t believe. And nothing will change for the better if people don’t keep harping on it like we’re all Laurie Strode, bludgeoning Michael Myers until he’s finally trapped and we can set the rotten bastard’s ass on fire.

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