Recirculating The Links

PicsArt_03-22-01.54.40~2Just thought I’d recirculate some links in case anyone out there might be looking for some reading material to distract themselves while we’re all in isolation.

Briefly: I’m a Pagan devotee of the Egyptian god Set, and I enjoy writing about a variety of Pagan and Setian topics. I also love old science fiction and horror movies, and it’s amazing how many Pagan and/or Setian synchronicities you can find in such films. For example, Godzilla isn’t just a radioactive dinosaur; he’s a dragon sent by Mother Earth to humble humans for creating atomic weapons (and to later defend the Earth from evil alien chaos monsters). That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too.

Anyway, if you also dig old monster movies, you might find some of the writings at this link interesting. There’s more on Godzilla, as well as everything from John Carpenter’s The Thing to Disney’s Boogedy TV movies, and even some thoughts on an old Rankin-Bass Christmas special (and more!).


Occult Cinema

If you happen to be Pagan or are interested in reading about Pagan stuff, here are some articles that apply to general Pagan topics of interest, including symbols like the pentagram and goddesses like Ishtar and Taweret (and more!).


General Paganism

And if you happen to love Set or wish to read more about Him, here are some writings on more specifically Setian topics, including Big Red’s sacred names and animals (and MORE!)



I’m constantly working to update each of these links with new materials, as well. Even if you aren’t Pagan or Setian, hopefully some of this stuff can help take people’s minds off of their anxieties for a bit, or even offer them some hope. May we all be blessed, regardless of by whom or by what, and may we all be healthy, safe, and well-loved in these distressing times. DUA SET!


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