Let’s Talk Metal


OK metal heads, let’s talk metal.

Give me 5 of your all-time favorite metal albums and tell me why you love them so much. Don’t worry about ranking them or determining just your “Top 5”; just spout off the first 5 albums that come to mind and tell us why they’re great. If it’s fun and I’m not just totally shouting out into the void where no one can hear me, we can all list another 5 in the next round.

I’ll go first.

1. Ozzy Osbourne: Speak of the Devil – Ozzy’s live 1982 double-album of all Black Sabbath covers, with Brad Gillis (of Night Ranger) playing the Tony Iommi part on lead guitar. I love this album because I think Sabbath songs are best live, and plus it came out the same year I was born. Speak of the devil!!

2. Emperor: Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk – The 1997 Norwegian black metal opus. I love this album because all it makes me wanna do is ride around on horseback, chasing after cave trolls in dark forests.

3. Judas Priest: Painkiller – The 1990 finale before Rob Halford left the band for a 10-year hiatus, and probably the greatest Priest album ever. Halford’s voice is truly amazing on this record, and it makes for choice listening while playing hours of Doom.

4. Electric Wizard: Dopethrone – The epitome of doom/sludge/stoner metal, released in 2000. It’s great for listening on headphones if you happen to be sleeping in a room with someone who snores louder than a chainsaw.

5. Danzig III: How The Gods Kill – I have a real hard time picking a “favorite” Danzig album (they’re all my favorites), but this is definitely a contender, if not the Real McCoy. I love bluesy, doomy metal, and I also love Danzig’s crazed howling and crooning. It’s hard not to sing along with him whenever I play it, and it always scares the cats when I do.

Okay; GO!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Metal

  1. I cant remember album names for the life of me, so I’ll just post 5 metal artists! Amon amarth (I think that’s how its spelled), nightwish, epica, lord of the lost, and… beast in black!

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    1. Those are some EXCELLENT choices! Now we’re really playing with nitro! 🤘 And yup, you spelled Amon Amarth right for sure! I dig them especially, they have some pretty sick riffs!


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