“Zero the Hero” by Black Sabbath

When most people think of Black Sabbath, they think of 1970’s Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne. If they’re a bit more obsessed with the band than most, they’ll be aware of 1980’s Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio as well. But most people don’t realize there were many other vocalists associated with the band aside from just Ozzy and Dio. When Dio left in 1982 to start his solo band, Sabbath recruited Ian Gillan to sing in his place. Gillan is one of the lead singers of Deep Purple (he’s the guy who sings the classic “Smoke On the Water”), and the one album he did with Sabbath – 1983’s Born Again – has grown to become my personal favorite Sabbath album. And this right here is my all-time favorite Sabbath song EVER.

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