Women In Hong Kong Kung-Fu Movies!



FUCK YEAH you should watch these movies!! Many of these flicks, especially those included in the Shaw Brothers filmography, have women characters who defy anything seen in Western cinema at the time. They’re usually fully clothed for one thing, and they can break men in half with their pinky fingers, and they play important roles in the stories that wouldn’t be fulfilled without them. Hong Kong has always been light years ahead of Hollywood in this respect, which continued casting the women in their action movies as helpless eye candy for decades after these so-called “B-movies” were made. (Americans were a little quicker on the draw when it came to horror, which started giving us more heroic women protagonists in the 1970s; but horror is not “socially acceptable” like action movies are supposed to be, and the action genre is still mostly about men’s men being men from what I can see. Even when they make the heroes women, they gotta be dressed like sexy cosplayers instead of Laurie Strode or Ellen Ripley or Nancy Thompson or Clarice Starling or Dana Scully or other tough-as nails horror heroes who look like real women I actually know in real life. Just a few of many reasons I prefer good ol’-fashioned Hong Kong kung-fu and post-1960s horror to most of the entire Hollywood action genre.)

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