Sermon: What Are You Afraid Of? It’s Only Rock & Roll!

A sermon in which I preach on the virtues of Charles Martin Smith’s Trick or Treat (1986) and its commentary on heavy metal culture and the 1980s Satanic Panic.

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Doug Bradley of Hellraiser Listens to Ghost

Holy shit. Doug Bradley (the guy who played “Pinhead” in the original Hellraiser movies) apparently listens to lots of Ghost. They oughta hire him to come out on stage in full Cenobite regalia and do a couple of Eurythmics songs together with Papa Emeritus II. That would be pretty bitchin’, I’d sell one of my kidneys to see that. (Preferably the troublesome one!)

And I don’t care what anyone says, Ghost IS metal. They just fit more into the retro-1970’s classic metal style, as opposed to the alternative or extreme subgenres. Not every metal band needs to sound like Cannibal Corpse, you know!

Sermon: Dealing with the Abrahamic Pantheon

The following is an article I wrote a few years ago, and which I placed in my “To Be Fixed Up” pile while I was on hiatus in 2017. I’ve finally gotten around to making it presentable, so here it is—my personal opinions on certain figures from the Abrahamic pantheon.

Many Pagans simply dismiss Yahweh, Jesus, and other such figures as being “imaginary.” (Consider the time-honored disclaimer you will find in almost any Wiccan FAQ: “We don’t worship the devil, because we don’t believe in Satan.”) This position strikes me as being hypocritical, especially when it comes to Pagans who are polytheists. We have no more reason to doubt the existence of Yahweh or Jesus (or even Satan) than we do to doubt the existence of Set, Persephone, or Quetzalcoatl.

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22 Years of Walking With Set


Today—August 15, 2019—marks the 22nd anniversary of the day when Set first revealed Himself to me. It’s my own personal reason to celebrate Egyptian New Year. On a normal year, I would be camping deep in the woods today; but unfortunately things didn’t quite work out that way this time around. I’ve just returned from an emergency trip to see my mother, who is now in a hospital in Virginia, and my PTO has taken quite a hit for this. But I’m trying not to be too disappointed; the weekend is almost upon us anyway, and even if we can’t afford a camping trip this year, there is plenty enough space in my back yard for our gigantic tent. So maybe I’ll just camp out there this Friday night and hang out with the groundhogs who are living on our property. Either way, here’s wishing everyone a Happy Opening of the Year! May all who walk with the Netjeru of ancient Kemet be blessed with good tidings and a happy harvest!

And thank You, Lord Sutekh, for choosing me for one of Your own all those years ago, on this day in my personal history, the 15th of August. I am eternally grateful to You for straightening my bones with Your holy iron, and for empowering me to stand against all the abuse and heartbreak I suffered as a child. Now I am a man with a happy, healthy family of my own, and there is none more worthy of thanks for this than You. I will stand by You in this world and the next, O Lord, and I hope and I pray that I make You proud somehow. Happy New Year, O Lord of the Northern Sky!

CNN: Bebe Rexha claps back at ‘male music executive’ who said she’s ‘too old to be sexy’

This isn’t exactly what I’d call “Headline News,” but I feel it warrants attention nevertheless. While I am not a fan of Bebe Rexha’s music myself, she is right to push back against the (male) music executives who have been age-shaming her. For crying out loud, the lady is only 29 years old, she’s younger than I am. And Jamie Lee Curtis proved last year that you can be a “gun-toting granny” and still be sexy as hell, so Bebe has a whole 60+ years to enjoy her youth. Besides, men will pay attention to a nice pair of legs no matter how old they might be. There’s a 70-something-year-old lady I pass on my way to work everyday, and she is absolutely irresistable to behold. She always turns my head and grabs my attention, even though society says she’s “too old” to be desirable. So take it from me Bebe, you’re never too old to be sexy; just keep being yourself, and the men in your audience will continue to drool accordingly.

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Happy Egyptian New Year 2019, and Happy Birthday Set!!

It’s time for Egyptian New Year again! I will be celebrating next week on August 15, but depending on what side of the planet you’re living on, it might already be New Year in your neighborhood. (The Egyptians followed what is called a “Wandering Calendar.” Check out my sermon on this holiday for further details as to how and why.) So here’s wishing everyone a Merry Wep Ronpet (Egyptian for “Opening of the Year”), a Blessed Wafaa el-Nil (Arabic for “Flooding of the Nile”), and a Happy Egyptian New Year!

And in some corners of the world, today is the epagomenal Birthday of Set, which is one of five intercalary days that immediately precede the New Year. So Happy Birthday, Big Red! All honor and praise upon You! May Your name be spoken and heard all across the earth on this beautiful day! May the sound of Your name straighten the bones and open the mouths of those who uphold Ma’at in Your name; and may the sound of Your name send all who serve the Serpent running for cover!