Happy Friday the 13th, and BE NICE TO BLACK CATS!


For me and other Setians of the LV-426 Tradition, Friday the 13th is a holy day. It’s a time for celebrating Set’s more destructive but entirely necessary role in the Osirian drama. As the story goes, Set drowns and dismembers Osiris into 14 pieces. He buries 13 of these pieces throughout the universe, and He keeps the final piece (Osiris’ genitals) for Himself. But as traumatic as this theological event may be, it is actually a good thing, for it is what catalyzes Osiris’ resurrection. The god who rises from death can’t rise from death unless he is killed first. People often think of Set as the “villain” in this story, but this ignores the fact that Set wasn’t really demonized in Egypt for what He does with Osiris. (When He was finally demonized and rejected from the pantheon for good, it was because Egypt had been taken over by foreigners.) On the contrary, there is a story in the Pyramid Texts about Horus and Set both helping Osiris to climb the ladder of heaven and walk in eternity. The truth is that “killing” Osiris is just Set’s way of facilitating his ascension. A much better way to understand Their relationship is by likening Set to a gardener and Osiris to a rosebush. If the gardener doesn’t want the bush to go to seed, he needs to trim it regularly, which in turn will cause it to shoot new blooms.

The lesson here is that all things must change and be transformed, without exception. Nothing will ever remain the same, and this is often a very painful truth for most people. Even when things are actually quite bad for us, we prefer to stick with “the devil you know” instead of taking any risks and venturing into parts unknown. This is an entirely natural disposition that even most Setians will exhibit. But life has a way of forcing change and transformation upon us despite all of our best efforts to conserve and keep things the same, and in the end this is actually good for us because it is an opportunity for growth. On Friday the 13th, my coven mates and I give thanks to Set for slaying Osiris and for challenging us whenever He thinks we need to be challenged, regardless of how unpleasant the experience might be in context. We also give thanks to Osiris for giving his life so that the wheel of life can stay in constant motion.

The most potent symbol for Friday the 13th is the black cat. The idea that these creatures are somehow “unlucky” is completely nonsensical to me. In many ancient cultures, especially Egypt, cats were considered to be sacred. People believed they were terrifying to demons, who would steer clear from any family’s home that was protected by a cat. And for the Egyptians, black was never an “evil” color. Since it was the color of the rich, fertile soil of the Nile Valley, it was associated with fertility, prosperity, and good fortune. So if you had a black cat, you could expect to see more good luck in your life than bad. The cat would keep evil spirits from harassing your family, and the color of its fur would ensure that your family would always have food and shelter. So if you see a black cat today, BE NICE TO IT. Give it some treats and a friendly pat (if he or she will let you). Do this, and something good will happen to you sometime in the next 24 hours. Try it and see!

And as for all you sick fucks out there who like to hurt black cats on Friday the 13th…I pray to Set, Sekhmet, Ishtar, and Bast that you will electrocute yourselves in your kitchens, drown yourselves in your swimming pools, or bleed internally from your asses until you die. I hope all of your loved ones abandon you. I hope your houses will be foreclosed on, or that you will be evicted from your apartments. I pray that you will lose your jobs and your health insurance. If you’re women, I hope your wombs dry up; if you’re men, I hope your testicles fall off. And when you finally get snuffed, I hope you get sent to some hell where the ghosts of the black cats you harmed can have their way with you.

Happy Friday the 13th!



Jill Filipovic: ‘Come Legally?’ Trump, Here’s What You Don’t Get

Know this: Virtually no one crosses the desert with a scared child or children for fun, or even for greed. When we talk of immigrants as faceless hordes or as insects who “infest” our country, it’s too easy to forget they are simply human beings who don’t have the same good luck Americans did to be born here.

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CNN: Thai Cave Rescue: All 12 boys, Soccer Coach Freed From Cave

The boys and the coach who were trapped down in the Thai caves have finally all been rescued. They’ve been taken to a hospital, but so far it seems that they are all stable and no one has been fatally harmed or injured. What a miracle it is that these boys went through 18 days of being trapped in solid darkness with no food or connection with the outside world, and yet they are all still alive and soon to be reunited with their families. If you ask me, their coach deserves some mighty big props for ensuring that no one was hurt too bad while they were all trapped down there. Everything else that’s happening in the world today might be messed up, but at least this one story has a happy ending.

The last remaining member of the Wild Boars soccer team and his coach have been pulled out of a flooded cave in Thailand, bringing an end to a near three-week ordeal that prompted a huge international rescue effort.

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Amor Et Mortem: “Loving and Serving Dark Deities” Workshop at Alchemy Arts in Chicago – July 11, 2018

If you live in Chicago, you might be interested in the following workshop that will be offered at Alchemy Arts Occult Supply shop tomorrow night (located at 1203 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago, IL 60660):

Cue the Norwegian death metal music score and strap on your dildos! It’s time for me to once again lead my popular workshop on the Great God Set and other “Dark” Deities! I’ll be speaking from 7 to 9 tomorrow night at Chicago’s awesome Alchemy Arts Bookstore, located at 1203 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, where […]

via I’m teaching my “Loving and Serving Dark Deities” Workshop at Alchemy Arts Tomorrow Night! — amor et mortem

Peter Pringle: The Epic Of Gilgamesh In Sumerian

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Here is a musical recitation of the Epic of Gilgamesh by the Canadian songwriter, Peter Pringle. The Epic is one of the oldest pieces of literature known to humankind, and it’s even important to scholars of biblical history since entire parts of it were rewritten and inserted into the Old Testament over time. It’s especially important to academic discussions of Noah and the Great Flood, since the Epic contains an earlier version of the story that is nearly identical. It is also sacred to the Akkadian goddess Ishtar, who is one of Set’s romantic partners in mythology. Praise Ishtar, O Scarlet Woman of Babylon, Angel of the twilight, Queen of love, strength, and resurrection from death.

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On Rosemary’s Baby, the Satanic Panic, and Pagan Leadership

In 1973, a woman named Michelle Smith was treated by a psychiatrist named Lawrence Pazder. Under hypnosis, Smith “remembered” being repeatedly abused by a “satanic cult” as a child. She was allegedly tortured, locked in a cage, and forced to mutilate several babies, all in the name of Satan. These stories were published in Pazder’s 1980 book, Michelle Remembers, which became an overnight sensation. Next thing anyone knew, other hypnotherapists started parading their patients around on TV, calling them “Satanic abuse survivors” and making a shit-ton of money off of them. Sensationalists like Geraldo Rivera popularized these stories, bullying their viewers into accepting these “survivors” and their stories at face value. People started believing there really was an international conspiracy of Satanists who were sexually abusing and cannibalizing little children. Even psychiatric and law enforcement professionals blindly accepted these stories as true. Just being a daycare worker and having someone accuse you of being a “Satanist” (perhaps because you enjoy heavy metal music, or because you play Dungeons & Dragons) was enough to get you prosecuted for alleged child abuse. As with any witch hunt in history, no evidence was required; countless people were thrown in prison and prohibited from seeing their children just on the basis of rumors and hearsay. This was the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980s.

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Religion News Service: How Roe v. Wade Changed the Lives of American Women

How would the lives of American women in the last decades of the 20th century and early 21st century have unfolded if the court had made a different decision in Roe v. Wade? Would women be forced into compulsory pregnancies and denied the opportunity to make life plans that prioritized educational and employment pursuits? Would motherhood and marriage be the primary or exclusive roles of women in typical childbearing ages?

The ConversationWith the availability of a greater range of contraception and abortion drugs other than medical procedures available today, along with a strong demand for women’s labor in the U.S. economy, it seems unlikely that women’s status will ever go back to where it was before 1973. But Americans shouldn’t forget the role that Roe v. Wade played in advancing the lives of women.

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