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By G. B. Marian

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Hexlust: “Baphomet Dawn”

This is one of my favorite tracks from Manifesto Hexcellente (2015), the debut album from my brother’s death metal band, Hexlust. The Tonester (a.k.a. “Tony Morgor”) is both the lead vocalist and guitarist, and this song in particular was inspired by his initiation into LV-426 on December 19, 2003. It’s also inspired by one of our favorite “Seth movies” (though I bet you can’t guess which one!). I used to hang out with Hexlust back when I still lived in Texas, occasionally acting as both their “roadie” and their “spiritual advisor.” I’m very happy to note that Hexlust is now listed on Encyclopaedia Metallum, and I just thought I’d throw this up here as a special holiday gift for anyone who digs both the Red Lord and heavy metal. Happy Holidays, folks! And remember: REJECT FALSE MASTERS!

(Also, if you enjoy what you hear, you can treat yourself to the entire album for just $7 at Please support the band!)

Traveler: “Season of the Witch” (2003)

This is a song I composed and performed for a music class I took in college back in 2003. It’s very strange, but it came from the heart, and I’ve always been proud of it. It is not a cover of the classic Donovan song from 1966, but a completely original work. I like to think of it as being an experiment in electronic music with a “black metal” sensibility. This “Season of the Witch” owes much more to John Carpenter and Darkthrone than it does to anyone else.

After many years of wondering what happened to this recording, the Tonester managed to track down an old copy we burnt on to CD. I decided to put it up here as a tribute to Big Red and to our spiritual tradition. I also thought it might be fun to give it a Norwegian black metal-style album cover, complete with Old English font and a “black metally” album title.


Lord of the Northern Sky

"Lord of the Northern Sky" (Click to enlarge)

“Lord of the Northern Sky” (Click to enlarge)


I was digging through some old pictures on my computer last night, and I found this one, which I hand-drew and colorized back in 2011 (I think – it might have been 2012). This was inspired by Hellenic depictions of Seth-Typhon and by reading a whole lot of H.P. Lovecraft.

Samhain 2016

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